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Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Phase 3 is the current active enhancement.

The enhancement entails the following:

  • Pre -Receipt Process:

  • SAP Non Conformance Report (NCR) Process:

  • Finance Process

  • Service Entry Sheet Creation

  • Upload of Tax/BBBEE Certificates





In order to better manage the delivery of goods and the storage of goods within TE, Phase 1 and 2 introduced a functionality that facilitates communication between the receiver of goods as well as the supplier prior to the goods being delivered, that being the ASN and shipping document.

The second leg of the receiving process to be implemented in Phase 3 involves capturing the arrival of the supplier at the TE premised prior to arrival at the warehouse. Using hand held scanners at the gates; the security guard will scan the ASN or Shipping document. This will enable the supplier to track when their goods arrive in our premises, and internally we will be able to tracks goods entering the premises prior to good receipt



In TE's effort to eliminate waste and promote efficiency, Phase 3 will include the quality management processes. This will entail the creation of Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR) in SAP and linking any Goods Returns related to Quality to the NCR. This feature will also provide a visible feedback loop to the supplier by initiating the NCR process should a supplier provide goods with defects or goods that don't meet the required TE standards. The NCR created will be visible to all internal departments that need or utilise non-conformance information.
This NCR is kept in the system for purposes of keeping a record on the quality of service received from suppliers and to monitor a supplier's performance record



Following up on payments is one of the most common challenges of running a business. Phase 3 of the SRM SUS included the full functionality of invoice and invoice statement submission by suppliers via the portal. These will in turn be approved by finance and processed accordingly for payment. The supplier can track the approval of the invoice and statement, and the payment of the invoice. The suppliers will also receive their remittance or payment advices electronically.



Phase 3 allows those service providers who provide intangible services, such as auditing firms and consulting services to have more control of service acceptance by Transnet.

The Service Suppliers will be able to create a service entry sheet in the portal on completion of a service. This will be routed to the TE service requestor for approval. The process will then continue to the finance leg of Phase 3



In our effort to avoid interruptions to business transactions through documents not being updated on time, TE has incorporated functionality that enables the electronic submission of BBBEE and Tax Clearance Certificates. The standard verification of these documents will be followed to ensure that our procurement pre-requisites are met. This tool will have a meaningful contribution ensuring compliance with TE's procurement policies.

Phase 3 introduces multiple departmental integration and extends our supplier collaboration functionality to include all functions that will add value and drive efficiencies. Each one of these departments has a role to play in ensuring the success of the overall project and credibility of the information that is transmitted to our valued suppliers!



SRM Phase 3 expends the current system functionality by adding a pre-receipt process for goods suppliers at entry into TE premises, a service entry sheet creation for service suppliers once they have rendered there services and the invoice and invoice statement upload process for all suppliers on the portal. As a supplier - you never have to revert to any manual process once a PO is issued! To ensure that we ensure that all areas and interactions are covered, the BBBEE and Tax clearance will also be uploaded on the portal and all Non Conformance Reports will be transmitted and finalised electronically! Below is a process overview and an information exchange view of the overall SRM SUS functionality.