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Transnet Engineering has affirmed its support for the RDP by committing itself to affirmative procurement since 1994.

 Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) was integrated with the tender rules and procurement policies to assist historically disadvantaged communities (HDC) and to empower Transnet Engineering`s managers to effect affirmative procurement without compromising specifications, safety and standards.

Transnet Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Transnet, subscribes to Transnet's Procurement Procedures. We not only support BEE, but also have a role to encourage other companies to ensure a level playing field in South Africa by removing the current inequalities in business. Transnet Engineering prefers to do business with business enterprises who share these same values.

In order to promote the development and support of suppliers and contractors from disadvantaged communities, Transnet Engineering decided that a large portion of the available total procurement (discretionary) expenditure be spent in such a manner that it advances Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE).
This will be done by setting targets at various levels, which will include:

  • Strategic Supply Management Strategy Objectives

  • Affirmative Procurement Objectives

  • Best Procurement Practices

Transnet Engineering expects its suppliers to comply with all Transnet Engineering `s BBBEE requirements when submitting tenders. As a pre-condition to selection, a potential supplier must submit a signed BBBEE certificate, the detailed scorecard (by an accredited Rating Agency) and any other documents that may be required by Transnet Engineering. These shall form one of the critical criteria in the evaluation of BBBEE requirements. In instances where Transnet Engineering sets other BBBEE pre-conditions for participation, these shall form part of the tender evaluation and shall be incorporated into the contract.


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Suppliers and contractors can seek assistance with regard to BBBEE and Supplier Development from Transnet Engineering`s BBBEE Manager.

Tshenani Oscar Nepfumbada
Tel +27 (0) 12 749 1524
Tender documents also indicate names and telephone numbers of contact persons who can be contacted regarding any uncertainties which may arise while completing the tender documents