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Transnet Engineering’s Rotating Machine Business

The Rotating Machines (RM) business is an operational Business of Transnet Engineering, focuses on electrical and mechanical repair, maintenance and assembly of rotating machines in the rail industry and Port business.

The RM business, currently refurbish and maintain in excess of 3000 traction motors, 4000 auxiliary components and 120 Engines per annum. The business is geographically spread and has operational facilities in Cape Town (Salt River); Durban (Umbilo), Bloemfontein, Swartkops and its largest facility is in Koedoespoort. Over the past few years the business has introduced Distribution Stores/Centres. All completed components are stored in the distribution store/centre and enables the customer to have direct access to these components as and when needed which ultimately reduces operational downtime. The business capabilities include: .

  • Refurbishing, upgrading and repairs of AC and DC tractions motors for various diesel and electric locomotives and passenger motor coaches;

  • Manufacture and refurbishing of motor field coils;

  • Refurbishing of locomotive blower motors and domestic motors;

  • Refurbishment and rebuilding of compressors and exhausters for locomotives and motor coaches;

  • Complete rebuilding, rewinding and repair of armatures; and

  • Upgrading of traction and auxiliary motors.

  • Refurbish and repairs of Engines, Turbos and cylinder power packs

The skill sets required to ensure these capabilities are mainly electrical fitters, armature winders, fitters, welders and electricians. Being an internal operational support business, 95% of the work originates from the customer facing businesses whilst the balance comes from the local suburban train market and is awarded on a tender basis. The business is a well-established DC motor refurbisher. The business has established AC capability to assembly GE 43000 traction motors and is currently building the relevant capacity and support facilities for the 15E, 19E and GE 43 000 locomotives. Over the recent years the business has been equipped with the latest world class technologies, amongst others, AC traction motor testing facilities at Koedoespoort, fully computerized testbay (MA, engines, compressor), eurotherm - Process control and monitoring systems, computerized back to back traction motor facilities and remote monitoring of process status in the vacuum impregnation (web based system - changes to the system parameters can be made).




The Components Business has received ISO accreditation and Centre of Excellence awards at its various facilities as well as ISO14000 for its Langlaagte factory, the achievement of which was a first for Transnet.

Rotating Machine

The rotating machine business is an operation business of Transnet Engineering; it focuses on electrical and mechanical rotating machines in the rail industry.

The business capabilities include refurbishing, upgrading and repairs of engines and cylinder power tracks.