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Transnet Engineering’s Coaches Business

Transnet Engineering's Coach Business refurbishes upgrades and repairs some 350 coaches annually at its workshops in Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Durban.

All four workshops have ISO 9001 certification. Maintenance is also undertaken on Shosholoza Meyl's 1200 coaches at eight maintenance facilities strategically placed throughout the country at Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Culemborg, East London, Braamfontein, Port Elizabeth and Kimberley.

Refurbishment includes a variety of services, from those applied to the world-renowned Blue Train through to inter-city and suburban passenger coaches. The Coach Business provides general overhauls, upgrades, conversions and rebuilding of motor and trailer coaches in various door configurations for the South African Rail Commuter Corporation (SARCC) Metrorail and for Shosholoza Meyl.

Extensive range of products

Customised coaches are a speciality. These coaches range from small tourist trains, a medical services train (Phelophepa) for outlying communities, power generating units, dining, lounge and kitchen cars. It also manufactures the prestigious coaches with plush trimmings of the world's most luxurious train.

Transnet Engineering's Coach Business has also been responsible for the repairs and refurbishment of The Blue Train, the flagship of South Africa's luxury trains. The Coach Business has also built the coaches for the prestige 'Premier Classe' service. This service includes sleeper coaches and an air conditioned lounge, a power car and dining car. The coaches are connected to the Trans Karoo Inter-City Service and travel weekly to and from Cape Town.

Transnet Engineering also had the privilege of developing and building the trains used for SARCC's various new Business Express services. These trains now serve the Soweto - Johannesburg, Khayelitsha - Cape Town and Tshwane - Johannesburg routes. An illustration of the rapid turnaround that the Coaches Business is able to deliver is highlighted in the fact that with the Tshwane Business Express, from order to delivery took a scant four months.



Recent Achievements include:

  • Full refurbishment of South Africa's luxury Blue Train sets.
  • Supply of the incorporated new livery on Shosholoza Meyl Intercity coaches.
  • Progress in upgrading 88 of the 10M3 suburban coaches
  • Development of a Gomod prototype for commuter coaches

Strides in technology in the Coach Business have resulted in:

  • Incorporating new Traction Technology on upgraded motor coaches.
  • Inclusion of corrosion resistant 3CR12 cladding on rebuilt coaches
  • Modular Re-bodying of commuter coaches involving high grade stainless steel cladding

When it comes to building coaches Transnet Engineering is exceptionally versatile. The new build of the new and unique Phelophepha health care train.

Customised coaches are a speciality