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Transnet Engineering’s Auxiliary Business


Transnet Engineering's Auxiliary Business, previously known as the Tarpaulin Business, prides itself on innovative products, individually designed to meet customers' specific needs.

The business portfolio includes manufacturing and maintenance of tarpaulins and auxiliary equipment. More recently, the Business has diversified into the manufacture, maintenance and conversion of containers and wagon preparation. In all these areas, the Auxiliary Business has vast expertise drawn from decades of experience.

In all production areas, the Auxiliary Business uses the skills of a team of professionally qualified design engineers, equipped with the most advanced computer technology. This team is fully able to interpret the most demanding requirements.

The Auxiliary Business is the principal supplier of railway tarpaulins and other auxiliary equipment for Transnet Freight Rail. However, it has the capacity to offer its expertise and experience to customers in South Africa and to wider international markets

From well appointed workshops in Salt River and Bellville (Cape Town), Bayhead (Durban), Koedoespoort (Pretoria), Germiston and City Deep (Johannesburg), newly manufactured, repaired and washed auxiliary equipment, as well as containers, are supplied for the protection of goods in transit.

In recognition of the importance of customer service, full time knowledgeable and experienced personnel are available at all times to offer cost effective, quality products to meet customer demand.

Tarpaulins for any application

In the field of PVC-impregnated fabric, the Auxiliary Business specialises in the manufacture, inspection, washing and servicing of:

  •  Railway and road transportation tarpaulins

  •  ISO freight container tarpaulins

  •  Other PVC products to customer specifications

  •  Industrial chicken-run covers

  •  Rail and road containers.

At each Auxiliary Business factory, a trimming section concentrates on upholstery and trimming for passenger seating and décor. Materials used include leather, vinyl and fibre products used on various items of rolling stock. The Business' experience in procurement ensures that all materials used are of the highest quality. In fact, the Auxiliary Business is able to find a manufacturing solution for any item that needs to be made from high-quality PVC-impregnated fabric.

Auxiliary fastening equipment

In addition to tarpaulin-type products, the Auxiliary Business also manufactures and repairs auxiliary fastening equipment at its Koedoespoort workshops in Pretoria.
This range includes the following:

  • Railway and road transportation lashing chains;

  • Stainless-steel coil cradles

  • Steel coil plate-wedges

  • Steel plate clamps

  • Vehicle tie-down winches

Wagon preparation

In their daily service cycle, freight wagons may become contaminated with various substances, such as chemicals or normal dirt. The Auxiliary Business can ensure wagons are properly prepared for transportation assignments. This preparation includes, where appropriate, dry cleaning, and when needed, wet cleaning. The Business will also seal wagons to prevent freight losses.

In completing large-scale contracts carried out on an ongoing basis for important customers such as Transnet Freight Rail, the constant improvement of technological capacity and know-how is both indispensable and unmistakably evident.

Shipping container services

During transportation and handling, shipping containers face the hazards of mechanical damage, defacement, weather damage, and contamination or fouling. The Auxiliary Business is able to offer shipping companies a unique service in shipping container restoration. The Business is able to repair, cleanse and repaint shipping containers in preparation for their next duty cycle. Through this service, shipping companies ensure that the freight in their containers reaches its intended destination in perfect order.

Container restoration can be carried out at any container depot. The Auxiliary Business also can dispatch teams to carry out container restoration at the client's site or premises.

The Auxiliary Business manufactures containers in any of the standard sizes. It can also manufacture special-function containers, for example, with a bottom-discharge capability.

In addition, the Business converts containers into site offices, clinics and other special purpose accommodation




The Tarpaulin Business has been awarded the manufacturing contract to supply Spoornet with new tarpaulins. The capacity of the Durban workshop has been significantly increased with staff and with the installation of 3 new high frequency welding machines.
The Tarpaulin Business is also ISO 9001 accredited


Our team of professionally qualified design engineers aided by a modern computer network produces innovative designs to the latest standards. Finite element analysis and dynamic load simulations are carried out to ensure high performance through maximum optimization of operational parameters thus guaranteeing a reliable design most suited to the customer's needs.


Transnet Engineering Auxiliary business prides itself on innovative products, individually designed to meet customer’s specific needs.

The auxiliary business is the principal supplier of railway tarpaulins and other auxiliary equipment for TFR