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Transnet Engineering - Innovator in Railway Rolling Stock

Transnet Engineering is an engineering division of Transnet SOC Limited, based in South Africa, comprising a group of product focused businesses in manufacture, upgrading conversion, repair and maintenance of railway rolling stock, as well as spares and associated transport equipment.

Through its seven well equipped, ISO certified factories and workforce of 14 500 qualified personnel, Transnet Engineering extends its railway customer portfolio to Africa and the world. As a result, many of its plants have received "Centres of Excellence" awards and accreditation by original equipment manufacturers (OEM's).

Transnet Engineering began its operations almost a century ago as the Mechanical Engineering Workshops of the South African Railways and grew in unison with the expansion of railways in the region. By 1990 when its owner, the South African Transport Services registered as Transnet Limited, Transnet Engineering was formed as a separate division and now operates as a portfolio of eight national product-focused businesses being Locomotives, Coaches, Wagon, Rolling Stock Equipment, Rotating Machines, Wheels, Auxiliary and Port Business.

As technology is fundamental to its business, Transnet Engineering establishes relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and railway engineering specialists across the globe. State of the art and best engineering practice are thus incorporated into Transnet Engineering's growing product portfolio. In addition to its own in-house design office, Transnet Engineering has access to other specialist design companies to acquire the blue prints for developing new rolling stock.

Transnet Engineering strives to delight its customers and to exceed the expectations of the rail freight industry, especially in the heavy haul market. The needs of the customer are the reason for being and Transnet Engineering accepts the challenge and meets the demands of the rail freight industry especially in the heavy haul market. In South Africa, approximately 100 million tons of coal and iron ore are transported every year on some of the world's longest trains comprising wagons that are designed, developed, manufactured and maintained by Transnet Engineering.

The processes of manufacture and overhaul are as important as the product itself and Transnet Engineering is not only committed to increased research and development (R&D) but also to invest in new production equipment, infrastructure and training of its personnel. This also includes a fully integrated computerised system of control extending to all activities.

Transnet Engineering markets worldwide and its products are now operating from north of the arctic circle to south of the tropic of Capricorn, covering seven European countries, eleven African countries and Australia.

Turnover of refurbished, converted, upgraded or remanufactured rolling stick units per annum currently amounts to:

  • 11000 wagons

  • 150 locomotives

  • 500 coaches

  • 52 000 wheels

As a citizen of corporate South Africa, Transnet Engineering is committed to developing its people, caring for its environment and growing its economy while supporting the principles of equal opportunity, empowerment, transformation and good corporate governance.


Transnet Engineering's achievements include OEM accredited facilities, ISO 9001 Certification  with the future aim of achieving ISO 14 000, Centres of Excellence, the award of international wagon building tenders, the securing of the 18E, 9E and 11E locomotive contracts, the obtaining of the 10M motor-coach contract, the formation of strategic alliances with international equipment manufacturers, opening up of new markets on the African Continent and the increase in sales turnover on the domestic and regional markets to Transnet Freight Rail, SARCC/Metro, COALlink and OREX. 


Transnet Engineering is inextricably linked to the technologies underpinning its position in the railway rolling stock market through the following:

  • computerized control of factory costing and processes

  • well positioned and equipped factories with technologically advanced machinery 

  • skilled workforce with experience in the manufacturing, assembly, refurbishing converting and upgrading of railway rolling stock

  • engineering departments with experience in the development of designs, prototypes, jigs and tooling

  • intellectual property

Did you know

Our core value of Transnet Engineering is delighting our customers and good governance.

Through its comprehensive set of rolling stock products and services. Transnet Engineering will always be a guarantee of engineering excellence

Transnet Engineering, delivering freight reliably